5 Home Improvement Hacks to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

5 Home Improvement Hacks to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger post image

Everybody wants a bigger kitchen, right? No. Actually, a survey from Houzz.com in 2013 shows that people do not really want bigger kitchens, so much as they want the feeling of a bigger place.

This is good news because it’s much harder to expand a house than to do some remodeling. Moreover, there are some things that you don’t even need to hire a contractor for.

If you’re handy, you can make your kitchen look bigger with your own two hands. Here are five ways to do it.

Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors with Glass Ones

You have two options. You can either completely replace the existing doors with the new ones, or you can insert glass additions to the doors you already have. Place two strips of tape on the door: one that will serve as a guide for cutting and the other, outer one, to save the finish on your door. Drill the holes in the corners and cut along the tape with a jig saw. Sand and paint the new edges before placing the glass on the door. You can use Plexiglas instead of glass because you can cut it yourself. Use the appropriate silicone glue to stick your transparent material to the inside edge of the cabinet doors. Cover the edges with ready-made molds that you can paint later.

Install a Skylight or Bigger Windows

Natural light will make any space seem bigger. So, you can replace your old windows with bigger ones, or build a skylight in your kitchen. You can build a skylight by using Mylar tube fairly easily. Remove the tiles on the roof and guide the Mylar tube through a dome you made and then through the roof. Tuck in the dome with the surrounding roof tiles and secure it with silicone so that It remains waterproof. Find a place between the joists in your kitchen ceiling and install the diffuser there. Cut through the ceiling, pull the tube through and install the diffuser.

Carve the Storage Place into Walls

A perfect way to save more space is to find studs and install recess shelving between them. Match the color of the shelves with the woodwork. The wall of the recess shelving can be painted in darker colors that can add the impression of depth and perspective. If you don’t have the right place in the kitchen, install this shelving at the nearest place possible.

Make Smaller and Slimmer Kitchen Furniture

You will get a ton of additional space by building in an oven and other appliances and using a kitchen island and bar stools. Make this kitchen furniture yourself. Just make sure that they are slim and minimalistic, because that makes your kitchen look bigger. Also, don’t use boards for the side of the island because your kitchen will appear bigger if you can see through these sides.

Open Up the Kitchen to Another Room

The whole idea is to visually lend the space from another room to your kitchen. You can build an arch and remove the doors completely between the dining room and the kitchen and use the same flooring. However, an even better idea is to use easy to install sliding doors for the kitchen. While open, they will give the impression of a connected room and you will still have the option of closing them and having two separate spaces.

Another way to make your kitchen look bigger does not require you to be able to refurbish the wooden furniture or make anything. It involves using bright colors on the walls, choosing the proper flooring or making your kitchen clutter-free.

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