5 Great Ways to Create Shade in Your Garden

5 Great Ways to Create Shade in Your Garden post image

Now that the summer is here, we’re all looking forward to sitting in a rocking chair or swaying in a hammock, sipping some cold refreshing drink on a hot sunny day. However, this wouldn’t be so appealing if you were sweating in the sun. Creating a shade is crucial, not only because it enables you to relax and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere of your backyard, but it also serves as a protection from damaging effects of the glaring sun.

Nowadays, there’s a wide range of practical shade solutions which are both affordable and can be easily installed in your garden creating a perfect outdoor ambiance for relaxation and entertainment. Here are a few you might find useful.

Inspiring pergola ideas

Pergola is unique element that will surely add to the beauty of its surroundings. It has many advantages. It is very easy to build, multifunctional, comfortable and can be elegant and visually appealing. It has an open roof which can serve as a frame for various plants such as vines, live foliage or some interesting latticework and thus create a creative and comfortable place to unwind.

In order to create one of your own pergolas it’s necessary to choose an appropriate type of wood, such as cedar as it resists decay. Next, you need to install the posts carefully, preferably at the same height, as they will support the entire structure. Roof boards are anchored to the crossbeams which are previously raised and placed on the posts. Finally, after choosing the perfect lattice panel or beautiful foliage, fasten it to the posts and, voila, you have created a fantastic backyard oasis.

A freestanding movable parasol

Probably the most popular and widespread shade structure that almost every household owns is an outdoor parasol. It comes in different styles, colors and shapes, but when choosing a perfect one for your patio or backyard, you should consider the amount of shade you need and how spacy your place is.

Naturally, a solid and bigger parasol base is imperative if you want to prevent it from being blown away. Furthermore, the type of the fabric is another thing you should pay attention to since it should be weather resistant. What makes it even more attractive is its fantastic price – it is pretty affordable and easy to find.

Shade sails

Have you ever thought of bringing your backyard landscaping to life by adding an architectural statement and making it more contemporary? Shade sails are becoming increasingly popular since they, with their geometrical shape, create just enough shade and provide sufficient protection from high temperatures. They are movable, specially designed to resist water and pressure and, the most importantly, require little construction.

When shopping for suitable shade sails, it’s important to find a strong and durable fabric that will resist various weather conditions. When installing one, consider the most appropriate location and the most suitable fixing points. What’s more, they’re easy to clean just by using a detergent and water.

Garden shade awning

Retractable awning is another interesting solution when it comes to providing a shade canopy in your garden. It’s usually installed on the wall or the roof of the house. You can control the shade by retracting or extending it either manually or using an electronic system.

The process of installing it onto your house can take just a few hours, but it’s necessary to check the surface where you plan to install it and to bear in mind that the weight must be supported by mounting brackets. Like most other shade systems, they also come in different designs and styles.

Lattice covers

For houses with a more modern, futuristic style, a lattice-like structure is a perfect option. They’re mostly made of wood and have a rectangular shape. In order to maintain their functionality, it is of crucial importance to choose appropriate and sustainable wood such as cedar or redwood. These will ensure their durability and let you enjoy yourself in a wonderful outdoor space for many years to come. Naturally, you can always add a decorative fabric to increase seclusion and furnish your backyard or a patio.

A student of architecture from Sydney. She writes regularly about home improvement and likes to read about sustainable architecture and design. In her free time, Lana loves cycling and spending time outdoors.

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