5 DIY Drain Cleaning Tips That Will Not Tax Your Wallet

5 DIY Drain Cleaning Tips That Will Not Tax Your Wallet post image

Blocked drains are surely not your best of companions, and you will only do well to keep away from the mess that they create at homes.

However, it is almost natural that the regular use of the drains in your kitchen or bathroom is likely to have some unwanted particles accumulated over the time such that they are responsible for the blocks.

Prevention is better than cure

In fact, there are several DIY tips that will help you to clear the blocked drains without taxing your purse on several hundreds of dollars.

  • The first and foremost step towards keeping you drain free of the clogs is to take care of the debris and the food leftovers from making their way into the drain.
  • One of the best methods of drain cleaning is to make it a part of your regular maintenance regime so that any partially choked drains are cleared off before it suffers total blockage.
  • The best way to engage in the DIY drain cleaning is that of avoiding the use of harmful and toxic chemicals that will adversely affect the drain pipes and also emit gas and foul air for you.

Hot water and the plunger

To keep your drain cleaning method simple and unobtrusive you can make use of the cheap and readily available items that will not tax your purse while getting the drains flowing.

  • The regular pouring of boiling water into the sink helps in dislodging the embedded particles in the waste and clearing and block.
  • When you have the plastic wastes, apply caution and pour very hot water instead of the boiling water to prevent any accidental melting of the pipes. You can also use the bell-shaped plunger for better cleaning results.

The effective homemade remedy

While avoiding the harmful chemical cleaners, there are some useful home items that can be used for the purpose of drain cleaning that are more effective.

  • A mixture of water, vinegar, baking soda and salt is one of the most effective combinations that can be used for any drain block.
  • It is enough to let the solution pass through the opening and cover the mouth with a cap or a warm cloth, so that the chemical creates enough foamy reactions inside and work on the blocking particles to clear the pipe.
  • After leaving the solution for about an hour use the plunger with a certain level of standing water inside to be able to create sufficient pressure.

The helpful snake

In case the block extends to material that cannot be flushed out, you may have to make use of the manual method of drain cleaning.

  • Making use of the snake that has a long pipe with a handle attached to the top is the best option in such cases.
  • The best way to go about it is to insert the snake into the pipe and hold it in the place of the block and slowly rotate it and pull up the clogged material up the waste outlet.

Removing the difficult hairball

  • One of the primary reasons for the clogs in the shower and the tubs is the presence of the hair that form a ball or a slush that accumulate to create a nasty block.
  • If after your soda and vinegar method the clog still continues, you will have to make use of the manual method by using the snake.

At times of inserting the snake, you may have to remove the drain completely to get access to the block place and deal with it effectively. Thus, these are some of the most effective tips by which you can keep your drain dry and clean.

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