7 DIY Ideas for Wall Makeover without Painting

7 DIY Ideas for Wall Makeover without Painting post image

Walls are without doubt the largest surfaces in your home and the state that they are in can both make and unmake the impression of your entire household. The color, the complexity and the state that your wall is in, are extremely important and they deserve all the attention they can get. The simplest and [...]

The Essential Guide To Upgrading Your Garage

The Essential Guide To Upgrading Your Garage post image

Garages are easily one of the most undervalued parts of the family home. But, when used efficiently, it can be the gem amongst the rough and help take your enjoyment around the property to the next level. These areas aren’t just a space to discard boxes and family heirlooms. It’s a sizeable area, and redesigning [...]

A Unique Eclectic Bathroom

A Unique Eclectic Bathroom post image

When we talk about the taste, it is essential to mention that this is not something that is unitary. Taste is something completely subjective and because of this, it is highly unlikely that anyone will find a single style that suits them completely. This can make the decoration of your bathroom, more complicated but also [...]

Vintage Style Bathroom Design

Vintage Style Bathroom Design post image

It is an obvious fact that we live in a modern age with innovative technical solutions being introduced on a daily basis in any area of life from business technology, medical discoveries to home appliances and entertainment. However, there are places where traditional design solutions are still valued and sought after. One of them certainly [...]