Diana Smith

6 Eco-Friendly Pools for Your Backyard

6 Eco-Friendly Pools for Your Backyard post image

The United Nations data indicate that around 3, 840,000 billion of liters of water is consumed every day in the world. In developing countries, 5,000 children die every day as a result of diseases associated with water. Chlorine used to kill waterborne germs reacts with perspiration and body oils, urine and lotions swimmer use and [...]

Tips for Installing Whole-House Water Filter

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We all want our water to be clean and tasty, whether it comes from a municipal water supply or a well. When that is not the case it is nice to know that we have better options than stocking bottled water. A whole-house water filter is installed in the main water line, as it filters [...]

A Unique Eclectic Bathroom

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When we talk about the taste, it is essential to mention that this is not something that is unitary. Taste is something completely subjective and because of this, it is highly unlikely that anyone will find a single style that suits them completely. This can make the decoration of your bathroom, more complicated but also [...]

Vintage Style Bathroom Design

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It is an obvious fact that we live in a modern age with innovative technical solutions being introduced on a daily basis in any area of life from business technology, medical discoveries to home appliances and entertainment. However, there are places where traditional design solutions are still valued and sought after. One of them certainly [...]

How to Create a Great Home Office

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Some people prefer to work from home, which is for some really comfortable, but it will be necessary to have a home office from which you can work, as it will be very hard to separate work from family life. Moreover, you have to make sure that you are able to work without any interference, [...]