March 2017

Home, Safe Home: 7 Smart and Effective DIY Tips

Home, Safe Home: 7 Smart and Effective DIY Tips post image

Despite prevailing notions that streets are the most dangerous place to be, more people get injured at home than anywhere else.

Home security systems have grown in popularity, and although there is no denying their effectiveness, there are many alternatives that are less expensive.
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Chloe is a designer, stylist and DIY enthusiast. She is passionate about photography, writing and music. Chloe also enjoys researching, learning and blogging about interiors, home improvement and various art related topics, since she is crazy about aesthetics. You can find Chloe on FB or Twitter.

My Top 5 Picks Of Essential DIY Power Tools


In woodworking, power tools make constructions and repairs easy and efficient. Additionally, they help save time and money that could be wasted if you didn’t use a power tool.

Every woodworker needs to have at least a set of power tools. So if you are a DIY (do it yourself) enthusiast or you just love doing repair and improvement projects around the house, you should invest in some high quality power tools.
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Victor is a founder of He believes that money can be saved more if people will consider understanding different DIY procedures. To lessen wood stashes, he focuses in building furniture and other wooden things which can also help people earn a living.