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February 2015

Straightforward DIY: How to Repair Door Locks

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Problems with door locks can be a nightmare. But, recognising the issues with a lock is the key to success. [...]

About To Start A Project? Read The Official DIY Rule Book First!


As you know, DIY jobs can be a whole load of fun. If you are passionate about home improvement, you [...]

Essential Advice For Anyone Renovating Their Bathroom

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Unless you have some pretty good DIY skills, you will take many risks when renovating your bathroom. That is why [...]

Great Bedroom Project Ideas For The DIYer


Creating something from scratch and seeing it through to completion and use is what gives every DIYer a smile. Whether [...]

5 Easy DIY Jobs For A Beautiful Bathroom

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Your bathroom needs a little care and attention from time to time. This doesn’t need to mean spending money on [...]

8 Ways to Create a Paradise Garden

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There’s something magical about having a garden that looks almost like a paradise sanctuary. When the weather is warm and [...]